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Suddenly it’s a week later, what’s happened?

No update for a week, despite me having several points I wanted to write about, time is sometimes very funny and annoying. So what’s happened this last week?

I re-rendered the original footage from Dreamfall Chapters set 1 to get rid of the black screens which had returned. Old time viewers might remember this issue happening before years ago. After I fixed this I then recorded Dreamfall Chapters set 2, only to find out that I only had 2 minutes of recorded audio! I still don’t know how or why this happened as the program did say it had 1 hour 35 minutes, but the actual audio file was only 88mb with 2 minutes of audio. Dagnabbit!

I then opted to cut out the unnecessary footage of me wandering about (getting lost if I’m honest) and cut down the set by around 30 minutes. I then added commentary in a couple of spots that I felt were noteworthy, considering the set was very dialog heavy; it seemed the most sensible thing to do. After I did this one of my harddrives crashed, the one I use for my applications, which led me to be unable to render this footage. It has since started up and crashed again once more. But I did manage to render the second set for now, though I have to really check it thoroughly.

For now then I don’t know if I can trust the harddrive anymore and am unsure if I should get a new one to replace it or not. Funnily enough it crashed twice when I started up Divinity: Original Sin, but that really can’t be related. I hope it’s just a faulty cable or something, but the harddrive is at least 5 years old, so it’s probably due. One worrying thing about it is that I bought 2 at the same time; so I guess I should be expecting the other one to start failing too.


Time for the next let’s play

After I finished Gunpoint recently, which was a very short and fun(!) game, it’s now time for the next game. I’ve already posted a picture of the start of the game and of course it’s Dreamfall: Chapters!

I really enjoyed playing through the first 2 games initially and have definitely been wondering where the story’s going with this. It was one of my most anticipated games of the last years and I’m just hoping that it’s going to be good. I’ve not read up on it much other than knowing ┬áthe first part had a lukewarm response from critics and players. But as far as I know they’ve largely said it’s a slow start of the series to set the stage for the conclusion.

I really can’t wait to get started on this game!


Do you recognize her?



Crusader Kings 2 – Zunist dreams delayed

I have given up on my Zunbil dreams in Crusader Kings 2 for now. Since the Charlemagne expansion released they’ve added a bunch of new features to the game, one of which is the Zunbil tribe which has their own religion. They’re located in Afghanistan next to the Abassid Empire, and squeezed in between the Indian kingdoms and the future Mongol invasion. So it’s a tough location to start it and some have dubbed it the masochistic start.

Crusader Kings 2 Zunist

I have succesfully grown into a kingdom and then some without issue while keeping the Abbasid Emperor diplomatically happy, but at one point or another he will die or decide to invade any way. And there is no stopping such an army from invading you. You can keep them at bay for a little bit, using the attrition of your homeland which causes all their troops to die out quickly but they will still remain with ~1.5k stacks all over the place.

It’s fun, and at some point I will succeed but for now I think I’ll focus my Crusader Kings 2 time on another part of the map, especially seeing about creating a big tribal society. I think the Picts in Scotland make for a good and easy location.


Puzzle completed!

This was by far the most difficult puzzle I’ve done. All the colours mix and pieces fit in multiple locations. But it’s a cool puzzle.

Do you know who are in it?