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Dreamfall Chapters

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2703, 2015

Heidevolk’s 2015 album Velua

Heidevolk is a local band that I’m rather proud of. Their blend of folk metal is one I thoroughly enjoy. With their latest album they have replaced 1 of the singers and this shows incredibly […]

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2403, 2015

Update on Dreamfall: Chapters – Book Two

Previously I tweeted about the fact that I was awaiting a patch for the second book of Dreamfall: Chapters. This was due to the fact that when I wanted to start recording it last week […]

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2303, 2015

Finished watching the (as of now) last season of Doctor Who

The series is one I have very mixed feelings on. It has really great moments which have you begging for more and keep you on the edge of your seat. But the following episodes then […]

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1803, 2015

The next Hearthstone adventure is around the corner: Blackrock Mountain

As you may know I really like Hearthstone. It’s simple, elegant and yet offers enough variation to remain interesting. Certainly with new content coming out every couple of months now to keep things fresh. It’ll […]

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1303, 2015

Moonspell is an absolutely amazing band to see live

The clip above is from the show where I saw them perform last night, they’re always a pleasure. The vocals are gorgeous as he has a really terrifically good voice. Not a great technical singer; […]

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