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Performance of this website

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking at the performance of this blog for a little while and I feel it can do much better. This is also from knowing some of the underlying mechanics of the webservers due to my job. I wouldn’t want to do it through caching, but instead using the underlying mechanics. As such I think I want to test the site using NGinX and then continue onto HHVM for the blog. I’m pretty sure that the forum won’t run properly on HHVM, so this will end up being more tricky.

But before I start doing these things I was wondering what you think of the speed of the website, so please vote below!

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You know what time it is?

Bokbier time! Bok beer is special beer that gets made for autumn and spring by belgian and dutch brewers; and they’re delicious!



What’ve I been doing today? Research mainly.

Linux components traffic shaping

What is this madness? Some of the components that may be encountered while using traffic shaping in Linux kernels. This is mainly for clients which are using too much bandwidth and we need to lessen their bandwidth usage. In this particular case they’re using too much and it’s causing high costs because of it. To prevent this I’m doing research on how to restrict them on the kernel-level, as previous tests on restricting on the application-level proved to be ineffective and would even make the matter worse.


Elder Scrolls Online main story

I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online for a while, albeit not as much as I’d like to due to time constraints, and recently completed the initial leveling up to level 50. I’d like to share my thoughts on this part of the game as this should be a turning point in the game.

You start the game off as a Soul Shriven, captured in a dungeon in Coldharbour, a realm controlled by Molag Bal of Elder Scrolls fame. You then escape through help of Varen Aquilerios. You then proceed to move through an alliance’s controlled realm and help various people and towns with what problems they have. You do this depending on what alliance you picked (Daggerfall Covenant, Aldmeri Dominion & Ebonheart Pact).

Elder Scrolls Online Alliances

Meanwhile the threat of Molag Bal is becoming bigger and you end up calling in favors of the different leaders and uniting the fighter and mage guilds to fight off Molag Bal. You then go to Coldharbour and here you first have to explore and find the members who travelled in there. As you do that you can help them out and send them to the town in Coldharbour. This is the first time it was really noticable going through a zone where you don’t have a nearby town that you can go to to sell your items or repair etc.

The quests in Coldharbour were also more interesting because of the deadra that were there, they would have interesting interpretations of certain events or actions. I liked that change of pace as some of the quests become more involved and you had different choices. What I liked even more is that some of the choices would have an impact in future quests in the zone and in the final encounter.

Molag Bal

After finding all the people you need, you will start to mount an assault on Molag Bal’s fort and you will be fighting many stronger and bigger enemies, which was very cool. The design of the encounters was very grand and impressive looking. Especially during the final encounter you can see Molag Bal standing and cursing at you, while he’s throwing fireballs at you. All in all this encounter was quite difficult and felt new. I died several times, but it felt great to go through it and kick Molag’s ass. During this there are also some plot twists during it, which I won’t spoil as I really liked them.

After you complete the main story line you become Veteran Rank 1 (out of a maximum of VR14 currently) and you can go through the other alliance’s territory while facing Veteran Rank enemies. This is from what I’ve heard the longest section of the game as leveling will take much longer compared to level from level 1 to 50. I’m looking forward to it, as there will be more tough dungeons, trials and other new zones to do. I am very much looking forward to all the current and upcoming content!





Troldhaugen & Alestorm concert

Last sunday a band I’ve wanted to see for a long time finally came to Europe, it was Troldhaugen. In fact they were the first band to grace the stage of a new big (~1200) venue about 5 minutes away from my home. The sound was surprisingly amazing, which is rather required for Troldhaugen’s sound. It’s complex, it’s nutty and it’s enormous mountains of fun. Everybody around couldn’t stop smiling during all of it.

After they played I went to the merchandise stand and talked to the vocalist and later 2 other band members came around (and also signed their new album, so I have 3 out of 4 signatures). Of course I had to get a photo with the singer, awesome guy to talk to!

Troldhaugen singer's the man!
Troldhaugen singer’s the man!
Troldhaugen European tourshirt & album
Troldhaugen European tourshirt & album

We talked through Crimson Shadow’s show, so next up was Brainstorm. They’re a good power metal band and the singer had a really technically good voice. I didn’t know them really, but I had heard some of their songs before, it was a good performance, but a bit too typical for me. Then to close the evening came Alestorm. Luckily Chris and co weren’t too drunk to play properly and they played a good 2 hours!

All the usual antics were there; lots of jumping, pits and copious amounts of beer flying among the singing crowd. Of course as recent tradition shows the people sat down and started rowing on the floor:
photo 2

It certainly makes for an entertaining sight, doesn’t it?

Alestorm’s show was good, a little bit mad and technically largely sound. The songs from their latest album were also incredibly well-received by the crowd, some of them were sung even louder than their older songs!