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2004, 2015

Blackrock Mountain Heroic – Week 2

This is a follow-up to the first post on my beating the Heroic bosses of week 1 of Blackrock Mountain which you can find here. This is how I beat the heroic difficulty bosses of Molten Core.

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1704, 2015

Appreciating design of soda cans

Sometimes it’s good to think about things you take for granted, like the cans of soda you see every day. The video below explains the design steps taken for this clever little can and it makes me appreciate it more.

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1504, 2015

Thoughts on: Roadburn Festival 2015

Unexpectedly I went to 2 days of Roadburn Festival 2015, which is a festival that focuses largely on up-and-coming bands. You’ll see a lot of smaller bands which have yet to make a great name for themselves, yet with this festival get a chance to shine for a big audience. The festival itself is largely focused on psychedelic bands and […]

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1004, 2015

Transport Tycoon Deluxe Nostalgia

We all have those games that we can’t ever seem to let go of; Transport Tycoon Deluxe is one of these for me. I can’t count how many hours I spent on this game, just building more and more complex situations. The game still has a big community of people playing it and it’s open source port OpenTTD, which is […]

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804, 2015

Blackrock Mountain Heroic – Week 1

With the Blackrock Mountain expansion out for Hearthstone I of course dove right in, doing the bosses and the new class challenges which came with them. These were a lot of fun to do, though I had no trouble at all with the normal bosses using my normal decks. This also makes sense to keep it accessible to newer players […]

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