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Thoughts on: A Bird Story

A Bird Story is a game made by Kan Gao, who also worked on To The Moon. I mentioned this game back in Feb 2012, but I honestly thought I gave it much more credit than I actually did in the quick mention that I gave it. It is one of the most endearing games I’ve ever played and it warms the heart and touches you on a level that few games can, at least that’s my view on it.

Coming into A Bird Story I pretty much knew what was coming, a pixel-art style graphics with wonderful music and it being The story gets told by the use of simple actions and icons and this really works and makes you connect with the character more than you probably realise.

A Bird Story

The game tells a short story about a kid growing up and saving a bird that’s being attacked by a badger. The entire time you’re witnessing the essence of being a kid, the little things they want to do and experience. It takes you through a bonding process of a kid and an animal and things they experience and how it changes someone’s life.

I really don’t want to say more or mention specifics; but it’s a wonderful endearing short story that’s well worth your time. Especially if you liked this; play through To The Moon, or if you’ve seen To The Moon then you should go through this as well. I honestly can’t wait for the next one which is hinted at at the end of the story, I can’t give a more glowing recommendation than this.


Thoughts on: Transistor & Jazzpunk

I recently played through these 2 games and they’re both fantastic in different ways. There’s few games which capture that sheer joy when playing games, and both succeed in this.

Transistor – Recursing

I first completed Transistor after recording the initial play-through. After that I recursed through the story and completed all the steam achievements. During the whole second run I played around with different function combinations, which was a lot of fun and some of them really did feel like you’re practically a god if used in a certain way. Because of the functions I picked I almost never used Turns anymore.

The content of the recurse started interesting which you can see at the end of the videos of the let’s play, but beyond that point nothing else changed, which was a bit sad to see. I expected some things to change or bug out or something like it, but none of those things continued to happen.


Then this past weekend I played Jazzpunk. If you don’t know Jazzpunk; I can’t blame you, not many have heard of it. But it’s a game which is absolutely bonkers, in the best way possible. It also has one hell of an art style that is simple, elegant and catching and really pleasant to look at. The gameplay itself has you do all kinds of wacky things in missions you get assigned, and sidequests/activities you can find around the world. The fun is everywhere and you’ll encounter all kinds of fun minigames, interesting characters and weird situations, all with good writing and voice acting.

Jazzpunk is one of those games that you just need to have seen, it’s a marvellous experience and it’ll cost you a pittance. There’s few games I can recommend as much as Jazzpunk!



Thoughts on: The Day of the Doctor

I’ve been watching Doctor Who for a while now starting with the recent series which starred Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. I thought he was really good, followed by David Tennant who is simply fantastic in that role in my opinion. Especially the later episodes are downright fantastic and among the better episodes of any series I’d seen. Now I’ve been watching the later seasons and made it to Matt Smith’s doctor and… I’m not amused. The fun of the series has seemingly stopped for a while. All the episodes are seemingly the same and the focus has shifted from aliens to drama about Amy and Rory.

Currently I’m in the middle of Matt Smith’s doctor and because of this the decision was made to watch the Day of The Doctor which is the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. This movie is about a key moment in the Doctor Who where he locks Gallifrey away, which was done featuring 3 different doctor’s at the same time. It was fantastic to see the different doctors interact and it was downright funny.

The Day of the Doctor

Seeing this movie made me remember just how good Doctor Who can be as a series and a concept. I would even say it’s worth watching for people who haven’t seen Doctor Who at all. It’s a good and entertaining movie by itself, which thankfully pays respectful homage instead of ruining it as a 50th anniversary.


Transistor’s Recursion mode

I’ve been playing some Transistor recently as you’re well aware and it’s a fantastic game I have to say. There’s few games I enjoy as much as this one, and SuperGiant’s previous game; Bastion. I think within the next recording session or maybe 1 more I’ll reach the end of the game and as such it’s time to wonder about the New Game Plus as I’ve been told I should play through that.

More Transistor is only a good thing, and I definitely want to play more of it and unlock some of the challenges for it. However I’m left wondering if you guys want to see me play through the game again, so please take a second and vote below!

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Lost Let’s Play: Octodad – Dadliest Catch

A little while ago I recorded a new set of a game that I had heard a lot of good things about; Octodad: Dadliest Catch. It’s a really silly game that is a stupendous amount of fun to play. It controls so…. wonderfully horrible that it’s hilarious. It’s also a game that is not about the story, but about just messing around with anything and everything. It’s one of those games that’s just made for fun, which seemingly are getting quite rare.

Octodad - Dadliest Catch

I recorded a set of it and had a blast, however when I was done recording I had a 4GB audio file of my commentary which according to the WAV index was only 4 minutes long instead of just over an hour. I tried for quite a while to fix or correct the index of the file but to no avail; no matter how I imported it or tried to correct it I couldn’t be done, and after a certain amount of time it’s no longer worth it. It’s always annoying when a recording goes bad.

Yesterday I played the rest of the game and found that it’s really short. But there’s so much more to do apparently because I unlocked only a handful of achievements on steam, it makes me feel like I only saw a small percentage of what the game has to offer. So maybe I should go back to it and see some of that alternate stuff it has to offer and find.