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Santa Claus training camp

In Nijmegen we have an annual Santa Run, where all the santa claus’ run 2.5 or 5km to train for the upcoming christmas which is of course a tough time for all santa’s. They need to be in shape so they start doing these runs. It looks a little something like this:

Santa Run 2014
Santa Run 2014

In reality it’s not so much part of Santa training camp, but it’s a run sponsored by Unicef to collect money. It’s fun and for a good cause, I approve! I also have to say that I think it’s cool that so many people showed up despite of the rain.


Another year has passed

This weekend I turned 26, which a friend reminded me of by saying: “From this point on you’re closer to being 50 than the moment you’re born.”.

I planned to have people come over on Saturday and have a party. The way things worked out was that 3 people showed up on Friday either because they couldn’t make it or there was a mix-up with the date. It really didn’t matter; fun was had and instead of 1 party we had 2! It was very good to catch up with people again and see old friends.

On Saturday we went to the market to get food for people that came over earlier and would eat with us and also to get a christmas tree. We then had to cut part of the root off to make it fit in the bucket, but we got it situated in the living room. But then it fell over and we needed to get some rocks to balance the tree better. So we went out and saw someone renovating their house which had a container up front which had some good bricks lying in it. It’s very strange to be going through one of those containers because you need bricks.



Once guests started to arrive we had each of them place christmas balls on the tree so it would be decorated by all the guests, which seemed like a fun way to do it. After that we baked 64 muffins, almost all of which got eaten on Saturday night. It was a great party and great fun, the following morning we spent the time largely playing Hobbit monopoly (which was a present) before going out to dinner with my family.


Happy 21st birthday DOOM!

DOOM is now legal to drink in the US, which is kind of incredible to think and it might make you feel a little bit old. This beauty of a game has inspired so much goodness it’s ridiculous. Because of it’s birthday it’s daddy John Romero posted a bunch of unreleased artwork for the game which was really cool to see! He linked the high resolution images from his dropbox account, so get them while you can if you’re curious!

Because of this I was thinking I really should play some Brutal Doom! If you’re unaware of what Brutal Doom is, it’s a total modification of Doom which added an incredible amount of features. It adds much more blood, death animations,  extra damage for headshots, zooming with the mouse and many many other features! They also re-did all the weapons and they feel even more satisfying than the original weapons. If you don’t know it yet; check out the trailer for the previous version below!


Thoughts on: Vader, Sodom, Arch Enemy & Kreator

It’s been several days since I went to this concert as it was on the 4th of December 2014, but man was it a good time! This lineup was incredible for someone who likes thrash metal.

Vader is one of those bands that’s always great to hear and it’s frankly weird to have such a band as an opener, but as a fan I’m biased. Vader’s strongpoint is their drummer who plays with real power. You can feel every stroke he makes and for me it makes Vader.

Next up was Sodom, one of the old classic bands of Thrash Metal which I’d never seen before. They were really big at the end of the 80’s and in the 90’s and since then have continued existing, while bringing out solid albums. But nothing that has approached their classics. Their performance was adequate, the drumming especially felt like a huge jump backwards as it was stale and nothing more than used for rhythm. Hearing some of their classics performed live was a good experience, but other than that I wasn’t blown away by them.

Arch Enemy was the next to take the stage, well-known as they were backed by vocalist Angela Gossow who recently stepped down. A new singer for a band known for it’s singer is a real issue, but they have an adequate replacement in Alissa White-Gluz. Her growls are much lighter, but she has the capacity in her voice to fill the spot. Her stage-presence is very different though and it really changes the feel of the band. But by the end I have to say: The songs are still good and when it’s time for the classics; it’s a really good show with the crowd singing along.

Finally it was time for the main act: KREATOR. Boy, do they know how to throw a party! These guys never cease to amaze me. The first hour was just classics which had the crowd going crazy. The drumming, the vocals, the singing from the crowd; everything was perfect. After that they played some slower songs and some less known songs, only to be ending with another half an hour of their classics; which was fantastic. Kreator is one of those bands among very few which really comes alive on stage.

In short then: It was a long and fantastic evening of music!


Car accidents sadly happen.

I hope you all had a good weekend, I did too, but it didn’t start the way I’d hoped. I was returning the car to my dad’s at night and was about 1 houseblock away. As you may know The Netherlands is very well known for all it’s bicycles. This is no problem other than that a lot of cyclists don’t have lights on and in recent years have been paying less attention due to cellphone usage. This is of course not a great combination; especially if you consider it’s winter and people tend to dress up in darker colours too.

So I was turning at a roundabout and  I saw this cyclist coming out of the dark without a light and braked. But I couldn’t stop in time and I hit the woman and she landed on the hood of my car and bounced off. I then put on the handbrake, emergency lights and immediately got out of the car, looking at the car behind me as I got out, turned to the cyclist and asked if she was okay. She said she was fine, although shocked and full of adrenaline. I asked if she had any bruises or if she felt any pain anywhere; nothing. I then said that I’d quickly move the car over to the side so I wouldn’t be blocking the traffic anymore. She took her bike (with just a loose steering wheel) and also walked over.

We then talked for a little bit, making sure that everything is okay as we both also had to get rid of some adrenaline and shock. She lived on the other side of town so I offered to drive her home, which I then ended up doing. Luckily there was no real damage (other than a scratch on the hood) on the car and the bike had a loose steering wheel. What I really remember though was the second when I hit her, I can still clearly picture it in my mind, along with the moments after.

I’m really glad I reacted appropriately and in time, otherwise things might’ve gone really wrong. My takeaway from this is that I could’ve been (half) a second away from killing or maiming someone, even if they were at fault.