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Archive for September, 2010


Guardian of the Light, FMA


So I’ve been a bit quiet over here with new posts as I’ve mainly been doing some forum-based stuff and posting on there. Besides I’ve not been doing too much of interest lately, just playing civilization 5 and watching some series as I mentioned here. So because of that I didn’t really feel like I had anything to write about.

But today there’s been the release of Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light of which I’ve seen some footage and it looked really good to me. It is however a c0-op game in essence as that adds to the gameplay value. So I’m definitely looking forward to playing that, the puzzles and combat seems like it would just be fun. The only thing that worries me is the length of the game. I’ve not actually read reviews to know about the length as that’s generally not how I judge a game, I judge them by watching gameplay as that’ll give you the best idea of what it is really like. But I’m thinking of let’s playing it as it just seems like plain old fun.

Other than that I’ve been watching quite some Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I had watched the original Full Metal Alchemist anime before and very much enjoyed that though it felt like it ended very suddenly. Brotherhood’s loner, in better quality and all-around more polished I think. Even if you don’t like anime, you should probably check it out if not only for the opening song, which I’ve actually made the “Featured Video” of the site for a while now. :D


Package in the mail

Sabaton logo

So I got a package in the mail and it’s one with awesome contents. It’s not game-related but music instead. As some of you may know my favorite band has been Sabaton over the last bunch of years. I’ve seen these guys several times now and I love them even more after every show, it certainly was the best birthday I’ve ever had due to one of their concerts. ;) So I’m a pretty big fan, however I don’t own their oldest albums as the music quality isn’t that great on them and I like their newer style a tad more.

They recently announced a Re-armed version of all their albums bar the last one which only just released. To make it worthwhile they also included demo’s, live’s and extra songs on there, about 5-6 per disc as well as a poster. I think that’s pretty amazing as most other bands (from what I’ve personally seen) just remix the album and perhaps add 1 or 2 songs and a live on there and then charge full price. To be honest I really like their personal approach as well as you can see on the photo’s I took of the cd covers, do read that text. ;)

So I’ve not ripped all of the albums yet(I don’t actually really listen to actual cd’s…) but from what I’ve heard so far, I’m really pleased with what they’ve done. They’ve really blown new life into their old songs and they sound absolutely great. :) Also included is a shirt I hadn’t actually bought before about the song 40:1, which is one of my favorite songs(And that’s saying quite something!), it’s about the battle of Wizna.

If you like rock at all and these guys tour near you, you should check them out. ;)



Number of Botnet Control Servers

So I’m kind of interested in  network security and therefore exploits and botnets are things I often read about. Many people are not at all aware of what is going on on the internet with exploits and happily just buy an anti-virus package and think they’re safe. I’m convinced that that’s not the solution at all but that’s another topic all together. I figured that I would talk about some of the botnets alone that are going around recently(some though, have been around for many years).

So what is a botnet even you may be wondering. A botnet is a term for a group of computers, home and office machines and high performance servers that have been exploited and are now listening to a central server(called Command & Control, C&C.). Then at the C&C the owner can issue commands to take down sites or machines, you’ve probably heard of a site going down, it was probably because of a botnet.  You’ve probably heard  of some kind of internet worm or virus going around and spreading, they’ve made news over in The Netherlands at least. Those are just some examples of exploits going around to (often) recruit for botnets so that they can be used to send spam, take down a site, steal your information such as passwords or simply spread to more machines. It’s kind of typical to see that the amount of attacks my company’s servers receive are much higher during working days than during the weekend for example.

Recently the IMDDOS botnet was in the news all over the tech sites and even some more regular newspages. This was because this botnet is very commercially selling it’s  services to take down sites, ranging in price from free to $1500/year which is actually really cheap for most botnet software, most of such software costs many thousands of dollars to purchase. Now IMDDOS is a very rapidly expanding botnet, mostly in China and other asian countries but there have been a number of infections all over the world. The actual growing rate has been reported to be 10.000 machines per day for this botnet alone.

So IMDDOS is actually a very classic botnet other than it’s commercial approach, there are some cool concepts going around in the world of botnets as since the launch of twitter several have switched from the traditional IRC channels(Chat software) to using twitter to regulate themselves. Now I think it’s quite an interesting and cool way of controlling the botnet and the techniques used in some of them aren’t actually that hard to understand. One thing that a control method such as twitter has though is that it allows the person to essentially walk up to a company and extort money from them or take down their business with the push of a button. If you’re thinking “Why don’t the Administrators just block the traffic?”, sadly it’s nigh-on impossible to really block it without an expensive device costing several tens of thousands of dollars and that’s not something most companies can afford to spend on the off-chance that it happens to them.

The problems of these botnets is often that they’re nearly impossible to destroy as they have many command servers spread all over the world, there have been many instances of people talking to many internet and hosting providers and lawyers for several years to arrange a day to take all the servers offline, rendering the botnet useless, only for them to miss one or two servers and seeing the botnet being back to full operating stature within 24hours. It’s not some kid sitting in his mom’s basement, it’s actually very organized and there is a lot of money going around in the underworld.

Another interesting factor among these bots is that they’re highly competitive, even going so far as to wage wars on eachother and actually attack eachother. A good example of this and probably the best known too is if your PC has been infected with the rampant Zeus trojan and manage to get infected by SpyEye, another big name, it might even remove or convert the Zeus infection to weaken it’s competition.

So perhaps it’d be a good word of advice to not simply trust your antivirus and pay attention to what you’re doing and what is being installed on your machine as anti-virus software often gets a miserable detection rate against the stuff you really don’t want on your system. There are other more effective measures you can take instead.


Forum is a go


I had been thinking of setting up a forum for a little while as youtube just doesn’t always cut it. Information goes everywhere and isn’t really searchable. Especially so since I’ve got a very nice group of commenters and others I talk to, some on a nigh on daily basis. So now there’s a place where we all can talk and have some fun while we’re at it. Plus to be honest it’s kind of fun to have a place of your own and to improve it. :)

Now I must say that the basic forum is up but there will be changes I’ll be making over time, user ranks/groups and some small UI options that I think would make it look even better than it does currently. I still need a nice looking forum banner picture though. But mostly I want to run it in a way where you guys will be able to say “Look Aeterna.. we really need feature A or B.” and then I can look into it. So a community driven process. ;)


Thoughts on Mirrors


I recently got the movie Mirrors recommended to me, after that person recommended Shutter Island to me which I really enjoyed. Knowing nothing about it I sat down and watched it.

So the movie starts and we’re introduced to Kiefer Sutherland playing Ben Carson, an ex-police officer who’s been through a dramatic event of shooting an innocent due to his alcohol abuse. He’s been off the force for a year and is really struggling with it. He’s also not allowed to see his children as he’s seperated from his wife. He does however enter the house to visit his kids who are happy to see him, he buys his son a gift as it’s his birthday. Role established I’d say.

Before that though there were a couple of scenes of a man running around being afraid.. which didn’t make much sense at the start. Finally he enters a locker room where all the lockers open and he can see himself in every mirror, including the big one on the centre wall. He then freaks out and breaks a piece off the mirror, which his reflection then picks up and uses to cut open it’s throat.. which then also happens in the real world.

But let’s return to the main characters, we learn that Ben’s gotten himself a new job at this building that was destroyed by a fire 5 years ago. He has to make rounds and guard the premises at night. Now ofcourse at his first shift there’s some crazy stuff happening with doors opening and closing and he even hears screaming at another run. He then notices he can see things in the mirror that aren’t there in the real world, which is a really creepy thought. Eventually Kiefer sees himself on fire in the mirror and then begins to yell from the pain of being burnt. Now ofcourse everyone thinks that he’s simply still freaking out about the innocent man he shot and don’t believe him.

Then it’s up to Ben to figure out what’s going on using his police contacts to help him out. I feel if I would try to explain this process I’d give away too much of what is going on in the movie, but it definitely keeps the suspense going all the way through, the mirror-scenes are usually well done and the actors really do a good job overall, there’s no real weak spots there. The only faults I have with the movie is that it never properly explains what’s going on. I have my idea but it never lends more than a line or two to support it. If you’re into scary movies, this one is definitely a recommendation, it’ll keep you guessing, having compassion for the characters and the end’s definitely a mystery. ;)