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Valentines and some games I’ve been playing

Since the last post some stuff’s happened which has made me want to not post anything. The main thing was that I had been preparing a little treasure hunt for the girl I love for valentine’s day. This caused me to lose some sleep due to worrying and kept me distracted and nervous the time before it. On the day I took a day off from work, bought a bouquet of flowers and traveled for 2-2.5 hours over to her where I laid out the couple of steps and hoped that nobody would go “Hmm, what’s this? It’s got someone’s name on it.. but I’ll just take it.”.

Then I got the flowers delivered with a note to start her off and then I sat down and waited at the spot she was supposed to go to.. and I waited.. and waited.. and waited. It had been over an hour (I think) so I decided I’d walk to the last step before meeting me and found her there and she said she was stuck. Turns out someone took the last step which included a lengthy note for her with my feelings for her. But it didn’t matter apparently as her answer was “That’s really sweet of you, but sorry”.

This kinda put me in a poor mood as you may expect so I traveled back and kinda have tried to keep myself occupied as it turns out, I can’t deal with emotions well. Or rather, I’m not used to it and don’t really know how to. Since this I’ve not spoken to her as she’s not tried to contact me and this is out of the norm, I may have just lost a good friend due to this it feels like. That really would be quite a shame

In other news, I’ve played some Mass Effect 3 demo as you may have seen on my channel. I initially just wanted to test the singleplayer to see if it recorded/played alright, but figured I’d give the multiplayer a shot as well. The multiplayer seemed pretty enjoyable although it certainly does have some real issues, such as lag and matchmaking. But the core of it seems sound and I really like the fact that there’s no kill stealing and the objectives are at least a little bit varied.
If this replaces mining from ME2, this’ll be a major improvement, but we’ll just have to see how it factors into the campaign.

Hearing Jennifer Hale in the couple of minutes of the singleplayer I tested was really great and I’m glad that I can hear her deliver more lines as I’ve picked up The Old Republic. I’ve not played too much but I really like what they’re doing. All the cutscenes and voice acting really make it feel more like a singleplayer RPG story-wise, this is done better than I expected truthfully. I also have to say that the engine feels pretty good and I don’t really have any complaints thus far, it’s proven to be enjoyable.

On yet another topic, since I’ve been spending some more time gaming, I actually spent some time with To The Moon which I was looking forward to. It’s such a unique game, from what I can tell it’s an interactive story being told with SNES-era-like rpg visuals with some puzzle elements. What really drives it is the actual story itself and the writing and how the story is conveyed to you. It’s all very charming, funny and yet it makes you think. It’s really one of those games you need to experience for yourself.