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Games I’m considering let’s playing to replace NWN2 now that it’s done

So I finished recording Neverwinter Nights 2 yesterday, which was very enjoyable. This then leaves me with the option of LP’ing another game and there are actually a bunch of them that I want to do. In fact, a several of them I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Here are some of the games I’ve been thinking of doing:

Little Big Adventure 1 + 2
LBA being the first game I uploaded footage for, ever, and me still loving the memories of those games, I really want to go through them. I own them on GOG but am still having issues processing the footage. I can record the video/audio just fine, along with my own commentary, however when I want to edit them together is where I still struggle. It seems that none of my editing software can handle the ZMBV codec that dosbox uses. The codec works fine to display the video, but I need to merge and edit the files.

Maybe I should give the windows ports another go, I see they’ve updated them a couple of times since I last tried them.

Little Big Adventure

Jagged Alliance 2
Much like LBA, this was the second game I ever recorded and uploaded with the intention of finishing it, since I never had before. In the end, I managed to fail in that purpose. But I still want to finish it and see that game through, it’s simply too good and forms a stain on my gaming “career” even outside of not having finished recording it. I did a test recording and all is well with that, should I choose it. I would be playing it with the 1.13 mod which adds/improves/changes a lot of things.

I’m hardly an expert, but everyone says that if you’re going to play JA2.. it’s got to be with that mod and from what I’ve seen; that seems accurate.

Jagged Alliance 2


Yes, I do want to play some “new” games too. :P NOX was again one of those games that I never completed as a kid, I remember getting decently far into it but getting horribly stuck somewhere. It’s a game that I really enjoyed at the time and even when playing it a little before I got it again on GOG, it was enjoyable. I normally don’t care about hack’n’slashers, but NOX is special somehow. With it’s charm and unique way of handling field of view, it feels very different from other games to me.


Max Payne
Not sure if you can call the Max Payne games classics, but from what I’ve seen the third game looks to be quite interesting and pretty good. As such I want to play through the original 2 again as they were great games. I would merely be let’s playing them instead of playing them “solo”. This would mean basically 3 games though, but probably spread out with a little time in between them.

Max Payne

Gemini Rue
An oldschool-styled adventure game made by a small developer? The first ~20 minutes or so that I’ve seen from it really impressed me and made me want to play through it. I don’t really know much else about it other than it getting good reviews and I really want to play it.

Gemini Rue

So tell me guys, anything you really want to see me do? Now’d be the time to let me know! ;)


Poll regarding Let’s Introduces

I’ve not done any Let’s Introduces in a while and I have a bunch of games that I find cool, but not LP-worthy or.. that simply wouldn’t be good as LP’s. So I’m wondering if I should make Let’s Introduces more often. Let me know what you guys think, and I’ll take that into consideration. :)

For those wondering what Let’s Introduces are; You can see examples such as Super Meat Boy, Civilization 5 and Dwarf Fortress. Essentially they are introductions to a game where I’ll record a set to show the basics of it, but where I won’t complete the game. Good to show off indie games for example, or games that a LP just wouldn’t suit.

[poll id="9"]


Info on the Mass Effect 3 LP

You might be thinking: “What LP, that doesn’t exist yet.”. You’d be right in that but considering it’s such a big deal I figured I’d update you via this post to say what’s going on with regards to it. I have ordered my physical copy of ME3 ages ago when I found a really good offer on it, I ordered both Battlefield 3 and Skyrim at the same time as the price was just too good to leave. From my experience with the other 2 getting delivered, it’ll be here some days after the release in Europe.

Now I’m frankly fine with this, though it would be fun to play some multiplayer before that, but I wouldn’t start recording the singleplayer for a while yet. The reason for this being that I’m already recording 2 games at this time: Neverwinter Nights 2 and Alan Wake. Both games I’m enjoying a bunch and they’ll still take a good while to complete, at least several weeks more for recording and then it still has to go up on youtube. I’ve not decided if I’m going to start uploading ME3 while the other 2 games are also going up at the same time.

If I record ahead of time I’ll have a bigger chance of not getting spoiled anything story-wise as that’s the thing I’m most afraid of. Saying that, being on any website that may have gaming-related news on it is rather dangerous these coming days/weeks/months. I have gone into a media blackout for ME3 for ages as I want to go in absolutely fresh and not knowing anything so everything will be a surprise to me. So in short; the LP will come ofcourse, but it won’t be soon.


Update on Dark Messiah

I’ve got a bit of an update on the Dark Messiah project I mentioned earlier as I ran into some issues with it. What would happen is that it will at some random point in time slow down to a crawl from the 250’ish FPS it was running at before. It feels like there’s a memory leak as the game slowly “counts down”, as I can actually see my fps drop from 30..29..28..27… all the way down to 6. This obviously renders it unplayable and it’s rather frustrating as it can seemingly happen randomly, at one point it’ll take 50 minutes where it can also start when I’m only a couple of minutes in.

I’ve been trying to solve this through various means such as adding toggles to the executable, messing with patches and the DVD version, all leading to a non-working game. As such I can’t say what’ll become of Dark Messiah as I’m still wanting to try a couple of things to get it to run properly.

Meanwhile I have started recording another game since I felt like recording some: Rochard. This indie puzzle platformer looked to be really entertaining from the gameplay I had seen of it on Giantbomb, so I was anxious to actually give this a shot. After having recorded 1 set I can say that it’s a lot of fun thus far and I can only hope that it can keep up the pace.


Another LP finished & upcoming fun times

I noticed I hadn’t updated the blog in a while so I figured I’d write a blog on what’s been keeping me busy as of late. I recently finished recording The Book of Unwritten Tales let’s play which, as of this writing, has another 4 sets to go up over the coming weeks. Having completed that game, I can say that it’s the adventure game that I’ve enjoyed playing the most (!). It’s also up there with some of my favorite games that I’ve ever played, considering that it’s a small indie game with over 10 hours of gameplay that costs 20 euro as of this writing.. I can’t do anything but recommend this game. It’s brought me so much fun and knowing that they’re working on a prequel to this game has me really excited!

That basically left me with 0 solo games I’d be recording (there’s still Neverwinter Nights 2 co-op though) it’s obviously time to start a new let’s play. It’s always funny how I pick the games as I tend to play whatever I feel like playing most at the time out of the games I know I can record well and have tested before. This resulted in a game I’ve been curious about for a good while, but never really got into despite it being recommended to me many times. I remember trying out the demo and not really seeing the fun in it and as such saying I wouldn’t LP it… and here we are: Dark Messiah of Might & Magic.

I’m not sure when the Dark Messiah videos will start to go up, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’ll be putting up Bastion and The Witcher 2 let’s plays which I want to throw up on a weekly basis as not many have watched them yet. So it’ll be new to most I’m guessing. As such the Dark Messiah videos will likely be quite a ways off. I’ve only recorded the first (short) set of it thus far, but I really enjoyed it thus far.


Other than Let’s Playing stuff I’ve also got some fun things planned for the coming couple of months, such as a bunch of concerts, a theme park visit, a possible backpacking trip followed by Graspop metal festival. If you’re curious what shows I’ll be going to, you can check that on my Metal Storm profile. Furthermore I’ve been playing with the idea of going on a nice holiday trip in July, but that’s still a ways away and really not sure. I want to see more of the world though, that’s for sure. All in all, life’s pretty good. :)


Youtube Partnership Part 2

This post is a follow up on Part 1, which you can find here. For this post I’m going to assume that you’ve read the previous one.

So it’s a while after I got the partnership now and since then I’ve gone through multiple stages of plans on what I’m going to do with them in the future. But I’ve recently come to a decision and as such I’m writing this post finally after promising it for a good long time. I suppose I should explain the situation with youtube first and move on from there.


As you probably know I went on holiday around christmas and wasn’t around for a good while, this is where I first really felt the bonus of having the partnership as it let me upload videos ahead of time and schedule them to go public at a specified time. This worked great and in fact it’s proven to be probably the biggest advantage of it all, it’s immensely helpful to be able to upload videos ahead of time and have them simply go public later. Should something come up, it won’t affect the schedule that way.

Other than that, I’ve not really had any negative feedback from it at all, which I’m glad about. In fact, I still haven’t gotten around to creating any sort of top banner for my channel which is probably a bit silly of me. I guess when I don’t really want to do something I’m extremely good at procrastinating. :) I can say that I’ve since received revenue from the partnership which is a nice little bonus and will pay off the costs of running the websites and mainly the forum software.

As such, I’m really happy with how the partnership has gone over on youtube thus far and I don’t really see any downside to it at all, apart from the slight drop in views. But that may also be related to the games I’m currently let’s playing, so I don’t know if that should count or not.

 Alternative channel

So I’ve experimented with and had a bunch of videos up there, but you may have noticed that I stopped uploading videos there a good while ago. This has a couple of reasons, such as some technical limitations on Blip’s end. That and there is another reason which I’ll explain after the downsides of using Blip.

The first thing is that there is a size limit on videos which my videos normally go over easily since I output long and high quality videos. This means that for most of my videos I would have to re-process and render it all before even uploading it. I know what you’re thinking; “You said that’d be something you could/would do”. Yes, but I was wrong, I also have to point out that I was hoping that Blip would increase their limits, but they show no interest in doing that in the near future.

The second limitation is that Blip only supports 720p videos. They don’t process 1080p videos and don’t stream them. This reason for this is technical as well as it’s because of the third limitation: The servers can’t seem to keep up the stream sometimes which causes buffering at 720p. Granted this hasn’t happened to me a lot, but I’ve seen it and it would be so much worse with 1080p content. I even contacted support and this is the reason that they gave to me. Their network/servers just aren’t up for it.

The fourth point is more of an annoyance and what seems like a stupid decision on their end. To get 720p videos on blip you have to pay a small fee, when you do so, they will process all your videos again to see if any videos you previously added can be improved to 720p. The thing is this: this happens every month, even if you’ve been a “Pro” user for many months on end. This may seem like a minor thing, but it means that with the 900 videos I have on blip, any new uploads will not get processed for a day or two as they get put at the back of the queue. An additional problem is that 30-50videos will fail to process and you have to manually tell it to re-process the video again. If you don’t: The specific video quality will not be available for that video. This is something that occurred every month which gets really tiring and would only get worse as you add more videos to the site.

I find it to be a real shame blip is plagued with these problems as I otherwise really like using the site. I’d also like to add that the 2 blip-exclusive let’s plays (Bastion & The Witcher 2) I had as a test will come to youtube and dailymotion as you may have seen in the schedule already.


As I was already displeased with Blip, I was thinking of getting another alternative to youtube. As it happens, one came my way instead as I got contacted through the blog by Dailymotion. They offered me a partnership deal on their end and after asking a bunch of questions and reading and thinking about it, I figured dailymotion would be a decent match. There is no limit on the length or size of files (there is but nothing I’m going to reach) or length of playlists.

With the partnership there will be ads on the videos, but these can be blocked by using the known adblockers, but unfortunately there is no control over them at all as opposed to blip and youtube. An upside of the partnership though is that they’ll copy all of the videos on my youtube channel over to dailymotion for me. From then on I’d have to upload to them afterwards ofcourse, but having 3500+ videos be moved over is a really good service. That would also be my opinion thus far, dailymotion is offering a clear contact point which has always been quick, polite and useful and above all, helpful. This makes it feel like a good move as having someone to contact is a clear benefit and makes it feel a lot more safe.

As of now I’ve sent Dailymotion my contract through the mail and they should be  processing it as you’re reading this. I’m not entirely sure how long it’ll take for them to do that and move over the video content as it’s a big move, but  I’m sure their IT staff has written some good scripts to take care of that.  But I’ll let you guys know more as I know more.

Channel looks

As my current channel background is a now just over a year old (Thanks again Namretsbol!), I think it may be time for a new one. As such I’ll probably want one to work both on Dailymotion and Youtube as I don’t really see a reason to make them different. On that subject I also have to even decide on the layout of the Dailymotion channel in the first place as they do offer some customizability over youtube. But I’ll look into those, if you feel creative/bored I’d ofcourse welcome any designs you guys make as you guys honestly can do it much better than I ever could. :)



Current let’s play status

Lately I’ve finished a couple of projects such as Battlefield 3 & A New Beginning. In fact I’ve been finished with A New Beginning for roughly a month now, but it’s been serving as a backlog for the past couple of weeks as to ensure that there are videos that I can upload even when I don’t record. That actually has been a real boon over the past couple of weeks as I’ve barely had any time to sit down and record as I spent more time on the social part of life.

So the only project that I’ve got going on now would be Neverwinter Nights 2. But I plan on getting fully back in the saddle now and as such I’ll give some updates on what you can expect in the coming months. I also will be trying to record a nice backlog now as I’ll not be around around the christmas days and new year’s and I want there to at least be videos going up at that time, with my partnership I can upload and schedule them to go public ahead of time, which is a great feature for that very reason.

Neverwinter Nights 2

Being a co-op let’s play, these are always rather difficult to schedule and have a much bigger chance of falling through. As such that’s exactly the current situation. 1 out of 3 seems to not feel like playing much anymore (or that’s the feeling I’ve been getting) and as a day falls through, you then propose alternative evenings to record, but receive no answer. As such, there at least won’t be a new set going up next week, as we really need to get back to recording.

The Book of Unwritten Tales

There have been a couple of people who’ve pointed me at this adventure game over the past months and it looked really good, now it’s finally out in English it’s received good reviews and as such I’ve started let’s playing it. As of this writing I’ve recorded 2 sets and I’ve been having so much fun with this game, I can’t really put it into words. It’s simply excellent all around and I hope that many people watch it and end up buying it to support the small/indie developer, I really do.

L.A. Noire

This game’s always been of interest to me and I’ve been wanting to play it, with it’s recent sale on Steam, I grabbed a copy. I figured it was right up my alley for a let’s play and wanted to do a test recording as I always do, which usually means I’ll play it for 15 minutes. This time I ended up playing for 60 as I was enjoying it so much. So I’m really looking forward to playing through this, though I’m expecting a lot of rage to come from the comments as I’m predicting I’m going to be bad/horrible at the interrogations in this game.

A nice plus of this game is the fact that it’s structured on cases, which I remember reading normally take 60-90 minutes to complete. So this would make those perfect for a recording session.

Borderlands finale

You might be very confused by the fact that Borderlands is on here and don’t worry, it’s not another let’s play of it. Instead, Anthony, TheTKForce and me have been playing it some more in a second playthrough with the goal of killing Crawmerax. It was simply a fun thing to do with the guys and communication with these guys is always easy and not frustrating like other co-op things can be.

We’re looking to reaching the level and killing crawmerax tonight, so there should (hopefully) be a bonus video with footage of this going up soon.

I’ll also be making a post following up on the youtube partnership post I made before talking about what I’m going to be doing with the ads and blip and other such things. I’ve not forgotten about it. ;)


Youtube Partnership

As some of you probably have noticed; I have become a youtube partner a little while ago. This process took a couple of weeks all in all and started out with a youtube private message that I initially thought was a weird spam message. In this post I want to “explain” myself a little and also share some of the things I’m wondering with regards to the partnership. I’ll write another post after another month or so to follow up to this one.

What does it mean?

So I’m a partner now, but what does it change? It doesn’t have to change much at all. My own fear was that it would entail forcing people to produce specific content. These ideas mainly came from the partner programs by Machinima and The Game Station. That’s something I didn’t want and thus asked about in the beginning. Turn out that I’m not being restricted in any way (other than breaking the youtube guidelines, nudity etc), the only thing I have to do is upload 2 videos per month, that’s all they ask for.

Furthermore I asked about ads and how that would even work since normally you hear about people being unable to put ads on videogame-footage. I figured that this would get me into trouble if I decided to do so. My source on this would be the “Individual Video Partnership” deal I had gotten through youtube itself, which would let me monetize a single video, but no videogame footage was allowed and would result in said video being deleted. This didn’t apply to the partnership they were offering and I quote:

“The only control that would be placed on your content is that you cannot use copyright material. This does not apply to video game content however as game developers as a whole have decided it is ok.”

So ads would be fine, the control I would have over this would be complete. What this seems to boil down to is that I can entirely disable/enable ads altogether (apart from copyright-claimed videos, which have ads anyway). If I enable them there will be a little ad to the side and one of those popups at the bottom of the video. That is the default and I can edit on a per-video basis, but with 3000+ videos, that simply isn’t doable.

Another point I really like is the fact that if anything should happen to my account (for example, losing my 15-minute upload ability such as happened twice before), I can contact youtube through my partnership company and get it sorted out. It also has some convenient methods of scheduling videos to go public at a later point instead of immediately going public. It’s possible to do that without partnership, but if you turn the videos from private to public, it won’t show up in people’s subscription boxes.

Besides those points, not much changes other than having a little more “branding” options. But I haven’t really used them as I’m frankly horrible with photoshop and such.

So… ads now?

For now I have enabled ads yes, it’s not something I”m terribly happy about, but for now I mainly want to see what it could get me. To see this, the ads need to be enabled for 30 days for me to see what it could get me. I could then use anything gained from it to offset website costs and if it should be “much” I could use it on upgrading my PC/buy games to let’s play. Besides all the common adblocking plugins in browsers stop the ads anyway so it shouldn’t be that big of an issue to what I’m guessing is most of you.

Another idea I have been thinking of is to monetize youtube videos and offer ad-free videos through my site (through But it really depends on how it works out. That’s why I’ll give it some more thought and add another post regarding this subject later.


Future Co-op’ing

With me finishing the recording of Black Mirror 3 recently, it means that I’m going to start a new LP to take it’s place. Now I know I have a list of games mentioned on the forum that I’m thinking of doing but the next game will not actually be one of them. That is because I’m planning to start another co-op soon with TheTKForce, you know; the guy from Borderlands and Sanctum.

The idea for this actually came from BustedWitch after we had done some recording and were just talking afterwards. She had been wanting to play the Neverwinter Nights games but didn’t want to do it alone. So the idea was to play it together, which turned into let’s playing it. However it turns out that bustedwitch has issues actually running both games which may actually be for the best as it makes recording(scheduling-wise) easier.

So we’re going to be playing through the campaign of Neverwinter Nights 2. I have played it at or closer after release for roughly 5-10 hours and got to maybe the half-way point. TK has completed the game at least once and has done a 100% run of it so he’s by far more knowledgable on it. TK will probably be playing a bard/red dragon disciple build that’s a melee powerhouse according to him. Me on the other hand? I don’t know, I don’t really have a go-to build or anything so I’m kinda looking around to see if I see some fun builds to use.


Past week

I’ve not written anything really over the past week and figured I’d share what I’ve been doing. It’s nothing special but the silence over the last couple of days is something I don’t like.

So what’ve I been doing? I’ve finally totally caught up to my current schedule of posted videos, this means I went through a couple of weeks worth of footage and re-rendered and re-uploaded it to youtube. This really was a huge pain in the ass and extremely time consuming, therefore I’m also extremely glad I’m done with that.

Saying I’m done though isn’t really correct as I still have to get all my older videos onto blip, but there isn’t any pressure on that luckily. One thing I really do like about this process is that it gets rid of 10 or 11 minute long videos. They used to be normal but nowadays they’re outdated and annoyingly short. So I can now make them into 15 or 20 minute videos. Metro 2033 which I’m currently processing is a good example of this with it’s 10 minute videos.  Seeing that game again also has me super excited for the upcoming sequel.

Gaming-wise I’ve been playing a lot of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and finally managed to get all the pins, which really doesn’t matter other than completing self-set “objectives”. I’ve also been playing several missions of E.Y.E. – Divine Cybermancy in coop with mostly TheTKForce. While doing so I’ve gotten several questions asking me if EYE is a good game. For those wondering the same thing; yes and no. It’s a very rough around the edges game, but the core of it is solid rpg mechanics and shooting. If you can see past it’s many flaws and especially can play with a friend you’ll have a good time.

Speaking of games I’ve also finished recording Black Mirror 3, last night actually. I think I started recording around 00:30 and finished at 4:00. Not all of that was recorded as I did get stuck in pretty much the last puzzle of the game, but it’s a good 2.5 hour set. The build up to the ending is really quite good, but I found the actual ending to be lackluster. I really shall not go into details as as of this writing I’ve only uploaded up to set 7, while there’s 11 in total. So it’ll be a good month until you guys get to see the ending, assuming you don’t play it yourself.

Other than the videos I’ve posted a couple of guides on With this site I’ve realized just how tough it is to find good quality guides that I’d like to add. So if you know of any good ones, do let me know. ;)