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What game to Let’s Play next?

It is time to pick up some new games to get started on. I already mentioned on twitter that I’m really considering doing Resonance, I’ve heard good things and it has a good pedigree. Due to this it then boils down to “What game will I pick to record next?”

This is always a hard question, many games take quite a while to get through and as such it’s kind of a big decision. There are also so many games that I’d like to play (and record) that it’s really hard to pick one. I previously mentioned NOX and Max Payne 2, which I definitely want to do still. Another oldie I’d really like to do is Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father. It’s a classic that has been recommended to me by several people over the years.

Another new game I’d be very interested in doing is Mark of the Ninja, so you can see me fail at being stealthy a bunch! What I’ve seen and heard of this game it’s awesome. Of the new titles I’d also like to play through is Tiny and Big – Grandpa’s Leftovers;  it looks like an excellent game to mess around in, as that’s exactly what you have to do in that one.

I’d also like to give Jagged Alliance 2 another shot; but don’t feel confident in my ability in that one. Besides I’d want to play it with the 1.13 mod which makes a lot of changes. Along the same line I still want to play Baldur’s Gate 1+2 at some point, but those games are quite intimidating as I remember getting my ass handed to me randomly when I tried to play it before. But I still feel like I should play through those games at some point.

Are there any games you’d like to see me record soon? Now’s the time to mention them!


Scheduled videos in playlists

A question that keeps popping up over the last couple of weeks is: “Why are the videos private? :(“
The reason for them being marked private is twofold. I’ve already uploaded them and scheduled them to release according to my schedule that you can see on the top-right of the site. If I didn’t add them to the playlist; you wouldn’t know they existed until they popped up.
The reason I add them to the playlist is also twofold: You can see I’ve recorded further than what you’re watching and the other reason is…. that I’m forgetful and busy. I’ve had situations where I’ve forgotten to add them to a playlist for some weeks and… people didn’t like that. At least this way they already are playlisted when they go live.
Since either way people seem unhappy; I’m letting you guys vote on what I’m going to do in the future. The poll will stay up until November 1st, giving everyone ample time to vote.


I’ve gotten back into let’s playing now after moving

So since I’ve moved to my own place I was too busy with all kinds of things to record much of anything. Before that I was on my holiday to the US and Canada and in-between those events I was struggling to get my mortgage sorted, which I did manage at the last moment as you may know.

But as of this week I’ve settled down enough to get back to recording, since then I’ve recorded 4 sets this week and if I can keep this up I might get back to 2 sets per week again. It feels really good to be able to sit down, relax and record me some video games. It’s been a lot of fun and you can definitely look forward to some The Walking Dead in the coming weeks as well as some Black Mesa which I record earlier today. I’ve been really enjoying both and I hope you guys will enjoy them too.


So I noticed I have a real problem

That problem being that I don’t know what to do in my free time. No I’m not going to be bored, at all. Instead I have too many things I want to do and way too little time to do them in. Of course there’s non-fun stuff such as cleaning, laundy and stuff like that but I’m not counting that as that’s normal. So the things I want to do tonight:

  1. Exercise – Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve exercised with me moving and the holiday I had just before that. I want to get back into it as it’s really calming to me to exhaust my body physically after my job. However I already do cycle ~15-20km per day just to and from work. That’s already an hour per day on bike.
  2. Read my new books – I was buying some groceries during my break at work and then noticed a book-sale and ended up buying 2 books, they were dutch, which kinda put me off, but they seemed interesting and they were very reasonably priced.
  3. Read some books I’ve had for a while – Now as you may know I literally have a pile of books that I still have to read, ranging from all kinds of subjects, which I kind of like. But I’m currently reading 1 psychology- , 1 mythology- and 1 history book. And I want to really read them and the others.
  4. Finish re-watching LOTR – I started re-watching my LOTR blu-rays as I was ill before and have yet to watch the conclusion of it, which I love. I especially want to see Eowynn again during the battle for Minas Tirith. Eowynn is awesome, despite not coming close to the character she is in the books, but that is a story for another post.
  5. Game – Rift Online – I’ve been playing Rift Online for a good while again and it’s a game I just love, partly for Trion’s Management. The first expansion is coming soon’ish and I have yet to level my new character up to the maximum level, which I want to do at the very least.
  6. Game – GuildWars2 – Honestly I’ve not put a lot of time into this game yet and people keep telling me to do so, I have enjoyed my time with it initially. But it’s not really grabbed me yet. But I do want to explore more of it.
  7. Record Let’s Plays – Before I started moving I recorded a set of a new LP – The Walking Dead. I enjoyed it a lot and it was surprisingly good and I really want to get going on that again as I’ve not played it in ~2-3weeks. I also have a bunch of other things I want to do as well, such as a coop of Torchlight 2. That one should hopefully be recorded this coming weekend, if my plans allow me/us. Then there is also some PlanetSide2 that I might record, that game really surprised me on how much fun it is!



Upcoming Month

As you may know already, the upcoming period is rather interesting for me. I’m currently dealing with a mortgage I’m trying to get for an apartment (in the center of my town) I’ve signed a buying contract for.  I have 2 talks with 2 different banks tomorrow and in between those I still have work. Then on friday I have a Children of Bodom & Die Apokalyptischen Reiter concert which I’m driving to straight from work. Then I might drop by a friend for some drinks/fun, gotta get a haircut and shave off this beard I’ve been growing for a little while on saturday and probably deal with some more mortgage stuff by then.

Then on Monday I have to get up early and drive for 1.5 hours to my school where I’m starting a new study to have a meeting about me potentially skipping certain courses due to certificates or working experience. I also have another concert: De Heideroosjes & The Offspring, for which I’m getting picked up straight after work. Should prove to be an interesting day to say the least and definitely a long one. There’s also some stuff that will likely happen that day which I’m curious about but shall not get into now as it may be preemptive and knowing my luck probably won’t go well (with such a description you can probably guess the theme ;)).

After that I basically have 2 more days to deal with the mortgage and possibly the portfolio I’ll have to make for my school. That is because on that thursday I’ll be heading over to Belgium for Graspop 2012. That should be a mindblowingly good time as the first 2 days of the show I’ll basically be running from stage to stage to see all the bands I really want to see, having no time for drinks or food really. Then that’ll be tons of fun obviously and then the drinking afterwards will obviously be a good time, curious to see how little sleep I’ll get this time. :P

Then after that festival I’ll be recovering at home for a couple of days and then I’ll be flying to New York where I’ll be touristy and then I’ll travel up north to the Boston area to see a friend and stay there for 4th of July for instance. So then I’ll be seeing more things around that area and then eventually I’ll move to Niagara Falls where I’ll cross the border to Canada. There I’ll then quickly pass through Toronto and move my way up to Algonquin Park where I’ve booked a cabin at a big lake which should be absolutely amazing to relax and enjoy nature.

After Algonquin I’ll be moving over to another friend where I’ll hang around for a little bit and from there I’ll be going to the airport and then I’ll fly back. Then I’ll have roughly a day to de-jetlag myself and then I’ll have a regular workweek.. except on the friday I then have another festival  in Germany with a friend: Devilside Festival.


So in summary; I’ll be away from home and therefore my PC from 21st of june until the 14th of july. So that means I won’t be able to record or upload videos. I have tried to have a good enough of a backlog to keep videos going up during this time; but I don’t have enough to cover the entire period and I’m not sure if I can find the time to record more before I leave. So if I can’t do that; Sorry guys, I tried.