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Fez – what a lovely looking game

Fez – what a lovely looking game

I very much want to play more of this! I can’t get off work fast enough today.


Got my recording boots on again

So after nearly a month (last recorded set was 9 feb!) I got my sorry ass to record another set. I recorded set 3 of Mark of the Ninja which I thoroughly enjoyed. It really is an excellent game that I missed playing. I have actually not been playing much of any game for the past month. I’ve played an hour of Ni No Kuni here and there and some random Tetris on PS3. That’s really all I’ve been playing for the past month, I’ve been rather busy with life. Something I’ve said ages ago about wanting to be more outgoing and social which seems to be happening slowly now.

In fact, a lot of my free time is spent either recovering from a busy day at work or spending time with friends in the weekend and exercising. This has been leaving me with little time for gaming, or maybe it is that I’ve been craving it less than I have before. I’m not exactly sure on that. It is a rather weird thought and seems totally incorrect, but it has snuck into the back of my mind.


I’ve been playing some NOX recently

I’ve found myself playing a lot of NOX over the past couple of days. It’s one of those games I played in my childhood that really stuck with me. I’m not a fan of hack’n’slash games, which NOX is similar too; but it’s easily different enough to grab my attention. For those not in the know about NOX, it’s a top-down RPG in which you play as 1 of 3 classes which have stories that are intertwined. You will get experience, buy skills, weapons, armor, level up and go through traps and dungeons. All the while feeling like an action game, and that’s where NOX shines. It’s an old game that still looks very good, it’s aged well apart from the obviously lower resolution now.

Nox starting Warrior
Nox starting Warrior

A good example of how much fun this game is is when I went to do a test recording, a normal test recording consists of maybe 5 to 10 minutes of running around and seeing if there’s any hiccups. With NOX I found myself playing for over an hour and suddenly realizing this as I was finishing some of the early chapters. I totally lost myself in the game and wanted to keep pushing on.

As far as the Let’s Play is concerned; I started recording the Conjurer (which is the mix character, unlike the straight-forward Warrior and spell-focused Wizard). I’ll probably finish recording the Conjurer soon, if I haven’t already by the time I post this. The question I currently have is if I shall go through the Warrior and/or the Wizard classes as well. I can think of some pro and cons of doing it and not doing it, but I’m favoring not recording more of it. Primarily because it leaves 2 campaigns of the game that are completely different for viewers to play through, which gives them more reason to buy the game which I’m hoping people will do because NOX is an amazing game I want people to play and enjoy.


What game to Let’s Play next?

It is time to pick up some new games to get started on. I already mentioned on twitter that I’m really considering doing Resonance, I’ve heard good things and it has a good pedigree. Due to this it then boils down to “What game will I pick to record next?”

This is always a hard question, many games take quite a while to get through and as such it’s kind of a big decision. There are also so many games that I’d like to play (and record) that it’s really hard to pick one. I previously mentioned NOX and Max Payne 2, which I definitely want to do still. Another oldie I’d really like to do is Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father. It’s a classic that has been recommended to me by several people over the years.

Another new game I’d be very interested in doing is Mark of the Ninja, so you can see me fail at being stealthy a bunch! What I’ve seen and heard of this game it’s awesome. Of the new titles I’d also like to play through is Tiny and Big – Grandpa’s Leftovers;  it looks like an excellent game to mess around in, as that’s exactly what you have to do in that one.

I’d also like to give Jagged Alliance 2 another shot; but don’t feel confident in my ability in that one. Besides I’d want to play it with the 1.13 mod which makes a lot of changes. Along the same line I still want to play Baldur’s Gate 1+2 at some point, but those games are quite intimidating as I remember getting my ass handed to me randomly when I tried to play it before. But I still feel like I should play through those games at some point.

Are there any games you’d like to see me record soon? Now’s the time to mention them!


Scheduled videos in playlists

A question that keeps popping up over the last couple of weeks is: “Why are the videos private? :(“
The reason for them being marked private is twofold. I’ve already uploaded them and scheduled them to release according to my schedule that you can see on the top-right of the site. If I didn’t add them to the playlist; you wouldn’t know they existed until they popped up.
The reason I add them to the playlist is also twofold: You can see I’ve recorded further than what you’re watching and the other reason is…. that I’m forgetful and busy. I’ve had situations where I’ve forgotten to add them to a playlist for some weeks and… people didn’t like that. At least this way they already are playlisted when they go live.
Since either way people seem unhappy; I’m letting you guys vote on what I’m going to do in the future. The poll will stay up until November 1st, giving everyone ample time to vote.