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Scheduled videos in playlists

A question that keeps popping up over the last couple of weeks is: “Why are the videos private? :(“
The reason for them being marked private is twofold. I’ve already uploaded them and scheduled them to release according to my schedule that you can see on the top-right of the site. If I didn’t add them to the playlist; you wouldn’t know they existed until they popped up.
The reason I add them to the playlist is also twofold: You can see I’ve recorded further than what you’re watching and the other reason is…. that I’m forgetful and busy. I’ve had situations where I’ve forgotten to add them to a playlist for some weeks and… people didn’t like that. At least this way they already are playlisted when they go live.
Since either way people seem unhappy; I’m letting you guys vote on what I’m going to do in the future. The poll will stay up until November 1st, giving everyone ample time to vote.

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Poll regarding Let’s Introduces

I’ve not done any Let’s Introduces in a while and I have a bunch of games that I find cool, but not LP-worthy or.. that simply wouldn’t be good as LP’s. So I’m wondering if I should make Let’s Introduces more often. Let me know what you guys think, and I’ll take that into consideration. :)

For those wondering what Let’s Introduces are; You can see examples such as Super Meat Boy, Civilization 5 and Dwarf Fortress. Essentially they are introductions to a game where I’ll record a set to show the basics of it, but where I won’t complete the game. Good to show off indie games for example, or games that a LP just wouldn’t suit.

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The Witcher 2

The Witcher 2

After throwing up a little post about Still Life 2 I realized I hadn’t really made a statement regarding The Witcher 2 and the possibility of a let’s play of it.



1000 Subscriber special – Pick my next Let’s Play!

So I’ve got 3 games that I want to play through pretty much equally and you get to decide which I’ll play (first). ;) Said games are Jolly Rover, Lego Harry Potter & Dreamfall – The Longest Journey. Note that Jolly Rover is an indie game and is not very well known, especially compared to the other 2. But please cast your vote and leave a comment saying why.


Oblivion Mods

Hey folks,

A question I’ve been frequently asked is what mods I’ve been using for Oblivion so I figured the best way to do so would be on this blog as frankly I can update it and link nicely to the mods’ pages.
That would otherwise be hard to do on a video. :) So it seems a blog can serve it’s purpose.

I’m actually using the Oblivion Mod Manager as that makes the adding of mods surprisingly easy. You can simply download the mod, click “Create” in the mod manager and add the archive you just downloaded. Then it’ll sort out the rest for you. Note that you should read the mod’s requirements as some for example need Oblivion Script Extender installed. Afterwards all you have to do is active it in the list.┬áSo here goes the list with links:

Finally a nice list of mods can be found here and the biggest sites for mods seem to be The Elder Scrolls Nexus and Planet Elder Scrolls.