As you may have read in the previous post I have pre-ordered Medal of Honor, with that came access to the beta. Now I, myself had been wondering what to do with this game, it’s made by 2 studios, each focussing on a different aspect and even using a different engine for it. Now I’m a fan of Battlefield Bad Company 2, which is made by DICE, who also are making the multiplayer for Medal of Honor.

So what does the beta offer? It has 2 maps and 2 modes, 1 map per mode. There are 2 teams, US Forces and the Taliban as it’s set in Afghanistan. Furthermore there are 3 classes which have different focusses. There’s the rifleman who is a straight up fighter with assault rifles and 40mm grenades(which aren’t as powerful as in BC2 or ‘noobtubes’ in MW2), the engineer class with a lighter submachine gun and a rocket launcher and finally a sniper, who’s focus should be pretty self-explanatory.
When you kill another player you’ll get points(standard 10), with bonuses for knife kills, defensive kills etcetera. At 40points, you’ll get access to a killstreak, the interesting thing is that there’s 2 kinds: Offensive and Defensive killstreaks, these seem to be given randomly as an offensive is mostly a kind of airstrike of which I’ve seen Mortar Strike, Mobile Rocket Strikes and even Missile Strikes. The defensive ones are much more interesting as they will offer your entire team a bonus, for example a UAV to show enemy locations, ammunition resupplies, flak jackets etcetera. This way you don’t know what you will get and you’ll have to consider the options given the current situation.

I’ll give a brief example of how these killstreaks can work out, I was on the taliban team and the goal was to defend an AA-station which was getting assaulted by an M3 Bradley APC and about to get overrun as someone had activated the UAV so I could see the amount of enemies rushing forward. I popped up from cover and quickly sniped 2 guys down with 4 shots, which gave me enough points for a killstreak, I got a missile Strike which I immediately pointed at the APC as we didn’t have anybody to take it out. It managed to destroy it and in the process take down 1 or 2 soldiers standing around it, this gave me enough points for another killstreak which was a mobile rocket strike, which does less damage but over a bigger area(or so I believe) so I threw it down around a big rock that’s part of the assaulting team’s cover and managed to kill 4 guys, giving me another killstreak by which time I got another killstreak and my team had taken positions again so I got a nice Flak Jackets for my team to make them survive longer and I ran forward to get into a better position where I got great cover from my team and managed to snipe down another 6 players who were running towards the goal. It’s moments like that which make you love a game, such perfect storms are rare but mindblowing.

About the modes, there’s a direct team deathmatch in which it’s just all about score. The other mode resembles Rush from Bad Company 2 where one team is rushing for objectives, be it blowing up a barricade, disabling Anti-Aircraft stations or holding a village. I’ve played roughly 2hours of each so I think I have a decent idea by now. I’m quite curious what else they could be adding to the game, I’m expecting a Conquest mode(Holding territory to gain points) and a Capture the Flag-type of mode.

What’s my impression then? As others have previously reported it’s quite a mix between Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2, but to me it’s mostly the engine as it’s the same as Bad Company 2. It doesn’t have the swiftness of MW2, but it feels like it’s doing it’s own thing, which is positive. Now what can I say about the visuals? It looks really good, believe me. it’s also not as demanding as Bad Company 2, while looking better. But the most important aspect, how does it feel to play? It feels really good, much to my surprise. The action is a ton of fun and the AK-47/74 and M4/16 are really precise, which makes it awesome for ranged kills, you can literally just sit down, aim and throw out 3 short bursts and the person’d be dead.

That brings me to the next point, don’t expect to survive much in this game. If someone spots you in the open – you’re pretty much dead. Weapons are really accurate as I said and you don’t take much punishment at all. What this causes is really quick action where you both have to be alert and careful. The only thing that can bring this game down is bad support, lack of maps, weapons and unlocks in general. Another little part that I don’t like is the look of the red dot sight, the acog sight is quite alright. But it’s probably something I have yet to get used to.