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28 09, 2010

Guardian of the Light, FMA

By |September 28th, 2010|Anime, Gaming|4 Comments

So I've been a bit quiet over here with new posts as I've mainly been doing some forum-based stuff and posting on there. Besides I've not been doing too much of interest lately, just playing civilization 5 and watching some series as I mentioned here. So because of that I didn't really feel like I had [...]

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23 09, 2010

Package in the mail

By |September 23rd, 2010|Misc|Comments Off on Package in the mail

So I got a package in the mail and it's one with awesome contents. It's not game-related but music instead. As some of you may know my favorite band has been Sabaton over the last bunch of years. I've seen these guys several times now and I love them even more after every show, it [...]

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21 09, 2010


By |September 21st, 2010|Tech|Comments Off on Botnets

So I'm kind of interested in  network security and therefore exploits and botnets are things I often read about. Many people are not at all aware of what is going on on the internet with exploits and happily just buy an anti-virus package and think they're safe. I'm convinced that that's not the solution at [...]

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20 09, 2010

Forum is a go

By |September 20th, 2010|Misc, Tech|2 Comments

I had been thinking of setting up a forum for a little while as youtube just doesn't always cut it. Information goes everywhere and isn't really searchable. Especially so since I've got a very nice group of commenters and others I talk to, some on a nigh on daily basis. So now there's a place [...]

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19 09, 2010

Thoughts on Mirrors

By |September 19th, 2010|Movies|Comments Off on Thoughts on Mirrors

I recently got the movie Mirrors recommended to me, after that person recommended Shutter Island to me which I really enjoyed. Knowing nothing about it I sat down and watched it. So the movie starts and we're introduced to Kiefer Sutherland playing Ben Carson, an ex-police officer who's been through a dramatic event of shooting [...]