There’s a good chance that you haven’t heard of this game as frankly roughly a week ago I hadn’t either. It showed up on Steam and looked rather curious to me. It seemed like an interesting mix between DDR and an rpg, furthermore it had a seemingly nice looking artstyle. So I did as I usually do and look at some footage and found some of the initial moments and really liked what I saw so I took the plunge and boy, am I glad I did!

You start the game off as a guy named Ky with amnesia and wake up in an unknown place where you hear someone over the telecom, Naia as she calls herself. She explains that Ky’s in a tower which has 7 floors with each it’s own guardian. He’s supposed to fight these guardians and ascend the tower to be set free. Why this is or any other questions she can’t tell and our hero thus does as he’s told. I have to point out that the dialog captured me from the start as the voice acting and dynamic between the 2 characters is exceptional. It’s also well written and the humor really clicked with me.

Besides the banter and setting there is of course the main focus of the game and the part where you’ll spend most of your time: the combat. The combat can be a little tricky to wrap your head around, but the tutorial explains it very well. It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), and it’s pretty much like that. There’s arrows coming from the top which you have to hit to get the positive effect of those. However, the trick is that Sequence adds 2 fields making a total of 3. One is for defending against incoming damage, while another is for charging up mana which then is used in the 3rd field to cast spells.

This all leads to a rather complex, yet simple combat system which starts easy enough but once you progress further you get more spells and it’ll throw more and more arrows at you, depending on the difficulty you picked. This system for me meant that I was managing the arrows with my right hand on the arrow keys and switching between the fields and casting spells with my left. It basically means that you’re continually busy with both hands and it feels rather frantic and like a lot of keep track of, but once you get used to it it’s very manageable and just becomes a fun system to determine what arrows you should/shouldn’t try to get.

So once you finish a fight you’ll get experience with added rewards for your performance, you also get a chance to find 1 of 3 items from an enemy you fight. Each with a different dropchance, though you can get all in 1 fight. These items you get can then be used to craft items out of recipes you acquire once you reach a new floor. That’s also where some of the repetition and rpg comes in as you’ll gain levels, get better equipment and make inhibitors to reduce the floor’s guardian’s powers. A fun note is that to make items you’ll have to make them by using your hard-earned experience which makes for a nice risk/reward system.

After writing the text above, I feel like it’s not apparent enough just how enjoyable this game truly is. It is a complete breath of fresh air in the gaming world for me and it has a nice secret ending and even includes some ARG (Alternate Reality Gaming), albeit basic, it’s a nice added touch to the game. Another unique touch is that the ending credits are virtually a tribute to the people who helped realize the game, with audio from all voice actors and the developer talking about things. It was simply damn enjoyable to sit there and experience it; and that is probably the best summary I can give of this game.

Sequence was one of the most surprising games that I’ve played because it didn’t stop to entertain and put a smile on my face every time I played it.