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31 12, 2011

5th day in London

By |December 31st, 2011|Misc|1 Comment

Then it was sadly the last day in London and we had to check out by 11, so we got up kinda early and started packing. Managed to check out just after 11, which all things considered isn't that bad. Funny to see how you always leave with more stuff than you brought with you, [...]

29 12, 2011

4th day in London

By |December 29th, 2011|Misc|2 Comments

After a rather long rest we both felt better and decided we'd go to a meeting that Nath wanted to go to and I'd join in to keep her company as well. When we got there it seemed like nobody was there and the building seemed closed as well, so we hung around it for [...]

26 12, 2011

3rd day in London

By |December 26th, 2011|Misc|1 Comment

After a lengthy night's rest and a lunch we didn't really have a solid plan for what we were going to do during the day. No public transport didn't help much with that either. We ended up going through Hyde park which was quite nice and full of squirrels, adorable little buggers. :) It really [...]

26 12, 2011

2nd day in London

By |December 26th, 2011|Misc|1 Comment

We got up late and ofcourse there was plenty of waiting to be done before heading out. Went to Soho and checked some recordshops and went to look for a metalbar which when we eventually got there it ended up being closed until the last day of our stay, bummer. So we then got a [...]

25 12, 2011

My picks for Game of the Year 2011

By |December 25th, 2011|Gaming|Comments Off on My picks for Game of the Year 2011

This post is mainly sparked by this forumthread which had me first think about it and I figured I would write out why I picked the games I picked here. I have to say up front that I find it quite hard to pick one game above another as it at times really doesn't feel [...]