So it’s time for the concert season to kick in again and it’s starting off with one I’m very much looking forward to: Heidevolk. They’re a dutch folkmetal band who have a really good reputation and their music is really enjoyable to listen and sing along to. Considering taking public transport would take me 2.5-3 hours to get to the venue, I opted to take the car instead in which I would get there in 1.5 hours. That also meant that I could stay until the ending instead of having to leave quickly after the main act started, the downside being that I couldn’t enjoy some beers while I was there.

Before the concert I had a hearty talk with the girl I love(d), as she was there with her boyfriend and we had some things to talk through. We ended up talking honestly for roughly 45 minutes and during that there were some laughs and it made me feel that things’ll probably be okay. There is no substitute for a personal talk and seeing how the person reacts to your words. So then it was roughly time for the first band to start, but they didn’t start for another 15 minutes or so. So instead we talked a bunch more with the group of people/friends that was there. Then finally it was time for the first band to start:


Videos: Older Live 1, Older Live 2
I would say that these videos don’t do them justice though, but it’s the best footage that I could find sadly.

When they started playing, they started with some real slow music that kind of had the crowd going “wtf?”, but after some minutes the real music kicked in and it was actually a really good show. They played some real good songs, nice riffs and all-around enjoyable. They even got the crowd to go along with them chanting and singing. That’s pretty hard for any opener, especially a local one. Their male vocals could be better as you could not really hear him , nor his flute parts, but that may be due to the setup in the venue.

Shade of Hatred

Live Video

This was the only non-folk band that would be playing tonight, as such they knew they were in for a tough gig. The frontman even said it jokingly; “We’re the only Only non-folk band here, but we will make it up by being more metal!”. And then they started playing some songs and they were mostly really good, good rhythms for headbanging and I have to say they had some killer riffs in there. They also managed to get the crowd going and then they decided to play some covers to end the set, in which they picked some songs by Kataklysm and Amon Amarth. These guys have good taste!

Bauldrs Draumar

Video: Hva Faen (2009)Slangen Forgifter Den Utkledde (2011)

So these guys had actual merchandise at the stands and have released some EP’s and the last was a full-length album. As such they’re much more established and professional than the previous 2 bands. They put up a pretty decent show, though I have to say it was the one that was least enjoyable. Their songs showed a real mix between slow-paced songs and real fast-paced thrashing songs which were too fast to headbang to or go nuts on. There was not much of a middle-ground and not too much diversity.

As such the show felt lacking and we found each other talking a little bit. Something was missing, I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it may very well have been because of the pace of their songs, the setlist or something different altogether.


Older Videos: Vulgaris Magistralis, Nehalennia
New Album: Als De Dood Weer Naar Ons Lacht, Een Nieuw Begin

So Heidevolk was really the band that everyone was there for and you could tell as the crowd kept chanting parts of the songs which created a terrific atmosphere before the band was even there. As they got on stage, all hell broke loose and they started with one of their best-known songs and that set the mood for the rest of the evening; absolutely madness. Everyone shouting along, headbanging like crazy, moshing and jumping. Most of it done arm in arm with another. There was such camaraderie among the people there; it’s one of those things that I’m pretty sure will only happen at metal concerts.

I can’t describe the show in any other way than it being an incredible amount of fun and it being really exhaustive. It’s a band that I would say even if you aren’t a big metalfan; you should still check them out. It’s something that surpasses a simple performance or concert.

I ended up buying their new album and the album’s shirt to keep as a keepsake and memory to think back of. For now I also have severe neckpain and have been hardly able to turn my neck as a reminder. Feels like it’ll still be there tomorrow at least too. The best thing is that I’ll be seeing them again in 2 weeks on a 1 day festival, which I really cannot wait for. I was already incredibly excited for that festival, but this has only boosted that feeling.