I’ve been to another concert recently which I’ve found to be worth writing about again as I was really looking forward to this to. If you’ve spoken to me recently, I probably brought it up somehow, heh. So I got picked up by a friend and we drove over to Tilburg to visit my beloved 013 again, it’s one of those concert halls I just keep going back to as they often have good concerts. It was also where my first concert was at in 2003, which I’ll never forget. Enough about that, let’s talk about this concert! We arrived slightly late as we didn’t really care about the opening band and we had some issues with parking around the hall.

So we arrived and decided to look at the merchandise as it was as good as any time to do that because we had time to go back to the car to dump it then. I ended up buying one of the Paganfest 2012 tourshirts and an Eluveitie 2012 tourshirt. So we walked back to the car to dump those shirts and ran into an old friend of mine, said hello and walked back. We then proceeded to buy coins to buy drinks and grabbed ourselves some beers, I also saw Chris (Alestorm’s singer) walking around and briefly spoke to him, he had quite a hangover from the previous night he said, heh. On to the actual music then!


Video: Fjara
Audio: Kjöld

We entered the hall and could walk pretty close to the center of the stage and we listened to a couple of songs while really just talking a bunch, which most people around us were doing to. Clearly Solstafir didn’t have a lot of fans out there, but they were alright to listen to as an opener. Their music is pretty relaxing and can be gorgeous, but live it didn’t do much for me, the vocals put me off to be honest. Granted, I didn’t see much of them.


Audio: Vulgaris Magistralis, Een Nieuw Begin, Nehalennia
Live: Vulgaris Magistralis,

This to me was one of, if not the highlight of the day. I had seen Heidevolk before some weeks ago and it was an absolute blast. This time it was in front of a bigger crowd and a much shorter show, but I had been listening to their new Batavi album so much that I really couldn’t care less. I would be missing some of the classics I’d love to hear as they have a lot of terrific songs. As they came on they played Nehalennia and it all started off with a bang with the crowd shouting along and a real party had started. I immediately started to drift away from my friends because we were right in front of the mosh pit which only sent me more to the middle of the stage, which was fine with me of course. So they played the songs I expected from the new album: “Een Nieuw Begin”, “Als De Dood Weer Naar Ons Lacht” along with “De Toekomst Lonkt”.

I would’ve preferred to hear “Wapenbroeders” over “De Toekomst Lonkt”, but this was fine. It was an absolute blast though the crowd could’ve been more into some of the songs as they clearly didn’t know them too well. But when it came down to the classics “Saksenland” and “Vulgaris Magistralis” the whole place went nuts and it’s the best time you can imagine having, I kid you not.

Negura Bunget

Audio: Tesarul de LuminiDacia Hiperboreana

After the Heidevolk performance it had passed 5pm and as we didn’t care much for Negura Bunget at all, we didn’t see them at all and instead headed out to a nearby snackbar to have some food. So we sat down and talked a bunch again and then returned to see Equilibrium which I really wanted to see.


Video: Blut Im Auge, Der Ewige Sieg
Live: Skyrim Theme (From another show), Blut Im Auge, Unbesiegt

Equilibrium has been one of the bands I’ve been listening to a lot and is probably up there on my favorites. Since they were a special guest on the tour, they didn’t have a lot of merchandise and I didn’t expect a lot of people to be into them. This turned out to be rather wrong as the moshpit turned huge and I was in the front once again separated and was rocking out and headbanging like a madman along with the other people in the front. It was a great time and they played some of the best songs including “Blut Im Auge”, “Unbesiegt”, “Der Ewige Sieg” and “Mana”.

These were all great songs and they were great to hear live, but the real surprise was that they played the Skyrim Theme. Yes, you read it right, they played the Skyrim theme live! I loved the skyrim theme from the first time I’ve heard it and it’s one of those musical pieces I never expected to hear live, nevermind by a great band such as Equilibrium. Afterwards the crowd chanted “Fus Ro Dah!”. I cannot describe how great of a moment this was.


Video: Keelhauled, Heavy Metal Pirates, Nancy the Tavern Wench
Live: Keelhauled, Rum

Alestorm has been one of the bands to really shine when I saw them before at several Sabaton concerts when they opened energetically and had the entire crowd going mad and singing along. This show was rather different, it was a much different crowd and the singer was still hungover from the night before, he wasn’t going 110% as he was the last times I’ve seen him. This affected the performance and the crowd frankly wasn’t into them. There was hardly anyone singing along. Only 2 songs really got some good vibes from the crowd: Nancy the Tavern Wench & Keelhauled.

Other than that I have to say that I think the setlist they picked was rather poor, especially considering they didn’t have that much time. Alestorm was the bummer of the day.


Video: Empire Falls, Bloodied Yet Unbowed

Primordial I didn’t actually see anything of as again it’s one of the bands that I don’t care much for, neither did my friends. So we ended up going to the back and talk a bunch and went outside to just chill out until Eluveitie started. While doing so there was actually more of a positive vibe outside as we ended up singing a bunch of Heidevolk and Alestorm songs outside which was really enjoyable. As such we got talking with some other groups of people who sang with us. Especially 1 guy from Belgium had some real good stories to tell, darn those Belgians for being so amusing. :)


Video: Inis Mona, Omnos, Havoc
Live: Luxtos, Inis Mona

So it was time for the headliner, one I was much looking forward to. More so than my other friends combined I think. We went into the hall a bit late due to finishing our drinks and saying goodbye to our new friends and there was quite some room up front on the sides thanks to the sizable mosh pit. I stepped forward a couple of times and quickly found myself at the front right in front of the mosh pit at the center of the stage, again finding myself away from my friends, but that really doesn’t matter much at a concert when a band’s playing. I really enjoyed the show and especially since I was with other fans who just headbanged and sang along, it was terrific.

They played a great set and they really are better live than they are on album. It shows why they’ve gotten so much attention of the last couple of years and have grown so much, it’s a band that comes alive on stage. At the end Anna ( the Hurdygurdy/Flute-player) winked at me and gave me the horns, I guess she likes headbangers.

All in all then, this was a really good gig that I wouldn’t miss for anything. So good in fact that I’m probably going to another show of this same tour with another friend.