This weekend I had another concert, one in a small venue in Rotterdam. It’s a good venue though, always a good atmosphere around it and there’s some good bands playing there if you’re really into metal as most are deathmetal or blackmetal. Which is part of why I like that venue, they cater to subgenres, and they do it well.

So, I drove over in the early afternoon as the concert started really early since it was on a sunday. I arrived just after 3pm, with the first band starting at 3:30pm.


It was time for HAVOK to hit it off, and boy they did. They really got the crowd going from the first moment until the very last second. I have to say that I was mainly there to see them, as I find their “Time Is Up” album to be of mindblowing quality, and it seems the crowd thought similarly. They played a great set including “Scumbag in Disguise”, “Covering Fire” and ofcourse “DOA”.

Some people in the crowd yelled that they should’ve been the headliner and frankly, I wholeheartedly agree.

Angelus Apatrida

After that first great show it was up to the second thrashmetal band of the day, Angelus Apatrida. They’re a lot more mellow than HAVOK in comparison and they clearly didn’t have too many fans around as the crowd interaction was… barely existant. I still appreciate their spirit and they were entertaining, there’s definitely potential in their music. Though if you ask me, it’s better suited to be listened to on album.


Then after having been mellowed out somewhat, it was time for some deathmetal with black influences, aka… Goatwhore. They stand out among the other bands as their sound is a lot heavier compared to the rest. Maybe it was because of this that it took a while for me to get into it, or maybe they just didn’t start off too great. But once they got going and played some thrashier songs and ending with “Apocalyptic Havoc”, it was a great show. I have to say that the frontman’s quite a guy. Looking at him does leave an impression I can tell you that much.

3 Inches of Blood

Time for the headliner then, which funnily enough is the “softest” band on the bill with their heavy metal. They’re really entertaining and they started off really strong by playing Metal Woman from their last album (which is a song I love) and the really popular Deadly Sinners. This made for a nice start, but it made for an early peak in the show, it would’ve been better to play those last in my opinion.

They put on a good and enjoyable show and I am glad to have seen them.

I got home around 9pm which was really weird to me as concerts normally only start to get going around that time. As such I had time to eat some and read before going to bed. It was a very good afternoon/evening full of all sorts of metal and I’ll definitely see HAVOK anytime they’re around here in the future.