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  • Lagerstein - Drink 'Til We Die album cover
27 08, 2012

Lagerstein – Drink ‘Til We Die

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This album has really grabbed me and it doesn't want to let go it seems. Why? Because it's awesome! And it's free! (Although I ordered a physical copy myself). Go check out their website. So.. what is Lagerstein? They're an Australian pirate metal band. But they're quite different in sound when compared to other pirate [...]

25 08, 2012

Ensiferum’s new special edition album + tshirt: Unsung Heroes

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25 08, 2012

I may or may not have gone furniture shopping

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22 08, 2012

3rd sword – Celtic leaf-styled

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Got my third sword recently - I think it's a real beauty. It's also one that pictures don't do justice. I love the looks and it's rather short'ish and light which fit the look of the blade.

22 08, 2012

Bunch of new releases

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It feels like it's the big release season again as we're seeing several big titles being released now. I've not been playing too many games recently other than some occassional drop in-and-out Rift Online, but now I want to really really play some of these new releases despite knowing I already have a ton of [...]