I was out for dinner to celebrate me buying an apartment and at one point during the evening my dad suddenly dropped a rather serious question on my (rather drunk) ass. I figured that I’d share it here as it really stood out to me. We were pretty much just talking about random stuff when all of a sudden he turned to me and asked me the following:

Should I be worried about you? You own several swords, daggers, knifes. You go on holiday and fire automatic rifles for fun and you read these crazy mythology books and recently I saw you reading a book about serial killers. Are you going to be the next shooter or something? Because if they then ask me “Did you see it coming?” … I’m not sure what to answer.

That question definitely caught me off-guard a bit and I didn’t realize that it was meant rather seriously, hence I jokingly said “That’s up to you to decide, I’ll see the van with the people with the white suit coming”. But then I noticed the look on his face and explained that I merely like swords and guns and that I’m interested in psychology and want to know how those people think and act.

I also said “Well, if you do send people after me, I know I will have no problem with any psych-evaluation as I know I’m stable and not crazy.” But I can’t help but feel weirdly about even having to answer that question. What’s your take on this? Are my interests really so suspicious, or is he really exaggerating?